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Proloquo4Text in App Store

Proloquo4Text™ is a text-to-speech application for those who cannot meet their communication needs using speech. The application features a unique screen layout designed to enable them to communicate by reducing the number of times they have to press the screen. This layout facilitates everyday conversations and allows quick access to the phrases that the user most commonly uses. You can adapt it to your needs and preferences by choosing the voice that most closely resembles yours from the large number of voices available or by customising the screen layout.

Proloquo4Text is the market-leading AAC solution for adults, youth and children who can read and write. It is used by people with a wide range of diagnoses, including developmental disabilities (such as autism, apraxia and cerebral palsy) and acquired conditions (such as laryngectomy, ALS, stroke or head trauma). Proloquo4Text allows anyone who can write and type to express themselves orally.

Proloquo4Text in App Store
Proloquo4Text in App Store

Communicate with ease

– Use the single screen to quickly access words, phrases and the keyboard.
– Switch easily between conversations and answer questions in a second conversation without interrupting what you were writing in the first.

– Decide when you want to talk by pressing the play, pause and talk when typing buttons
– Adapt the appearance (font, color, text size) to your preferences and needs.

Reduce the number of times you have to press the screen to communicate

– Create, save and organize your most common phrases

– Type much faster thanks to PolyPredix™, an advanced word prediction function that is optimized with use.

– Use the full screen and rotate message functions to display the message you have written.

– Write the message once and use it as many times as you like thanks to the history and the sentence prediction function.

Choose your voice

– Download real voices with natural sound from Proloquo4Text. All Acapela’s premium voices are included in Proloquo4Text, so you don’t have to buy them in the application.

– Reflect your personality and add a dash of humor to your conversations by using our special voices for free.
– You can choose from over 100 voices in 18 languages to find the one that is most like you. Switch easily between languages.

– It uses My-own-voice technology, which allows users who are losing their voice to record and use it in Proloquo4Text.

Share your world

– Send emails, messages and tweets from Proloquo4Text
– Write your text in Proloquo4Text and copy it to use it in another application
– Paste texts into Proloquo4Text to listen to them

– Make calls or video calls from your iPhone with Proloquo4Text.

Your voice always with you

– Proloquo4Text is available on both iOS and Mac OS. With iOS you can use the app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch. Buy the app separately from the Mac App Store if you want to use it on your Mac.

– Easily switch devices thanks to Proloquo4Text’s seamless navigation design on iPhone and iPad.

Accessibility features

– It follows the message read aloud with the optional function that highlights the phrases or words read.

– Optimized for use with the Button Control and VoiceOver functions
– Use the multitasking function on the devices that support this function to simultaneously use another application.

– Keep all your devices in sync with each other by saving copies and restoring your customizations and saved phrases.

AssistiveWare® is the developer of Proloquo2Go®, an award-winning pictogram-based communication application that gives voice to over 200,000 users worldwide.

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