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Project xCloud’s betas program starts working on iPhone

Streaming is evolving by leaps and bounds. It is now common to have a subscription to Netflix or HBO to watch a movie or series without having it in physical form. Now this concept is passing to the world of video games with the introduction of Google Stadia or GeForce NOW, but Microsoft have not wanted to be left out with the launch of their own service.

What is the video game streaming service?

Google Stadia is undoubtedly one of the most popular services among users right now. It allows us to play different video games on our monitor without the need of having a suitable hardware such as a connected PC since the game will be running in the cloud. These services are starting to give the first signs of evolution but there are already many specialized companies that are beginning to investigate this path.

Project xCloud’s betas program starts working on iPhone
Project xCloud’s betas program starts working on iPhone

There are many factors to take into account in this way of playing such as the speed of the internet connection. This is tremendously important in order to have a proper experience since we will depend on the speed of the data upload and download with the server where this game is running. But as we say the technology must keep evolving in this sense since a few years ago we didn’t imagine having Netflix in streaming and now it’s the most common thing in the world.

Microsoft begins testing its service in iOS

Microsoft didn’t want to be left behind, as Sony has PlayStation Now, Google has Stadia or Nvidia has GeForce NOW. Microsoft’s bet is Project xCloud that aims to bring the experience we can get with an Xbox to our mobile device. For us this announcement that was made in September 2019 is tremendously ambitious and we hope that it will end up coming to fruition.

Project xCloud has been in testing on Android devices for a few weeks, but now we can test it on Apple devices as well. Right now we can access this new application and service through TestFlight but only for users from USA, UK and Canada.

There is also a limit of 10,000 users who can try this service. This is obvious and understandable since the servers will not yet be ready to receive a lot of data at once and it should be dosed this way. To this we must add the fact that there is only one game available: Halo the Master Chief Collection. The requirements that we must also take into account when making it available for use by all users is that we must have an Xbox controller and a minimum download rate of 10 Mb/s.

This is tremendously interesting news because little by little this service is being extended and will finally reach our Apple computers for your enjoyment. Now it is time to continue working to improve the experience and finally at the end of this year or early 2021 we will see interesting advances.

As we have said before, technology must evolve and having a game on a physical disc is already ‘old fashioned’. The next step will be to have all these contents in streaming.

And you, would you take advantage of this gaming service?

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