Project on an “extended reality” interface for the iPhone

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For many years, “virtual reality” has been referred to as the panacea of the future, the maximum extent of what would be achieved with computer-generated world immersion technology. However, perhaps the idea of simulating a virtual world was not as good as it seemed at the time.

Project on an “extended reality” interface for the iPhone
Project on an “extended reality” interface for the iPhone

Instead… why not expand the “real” world that we all know? Such technology already exists, and is called “expanded reality”. It’s about representing more information than we see in the real world, supported by technology… in this case, an iPhone .

Using a specific application loaded on the phone, the iPhone camera will display images of reality on the screen: when we focus on a point where any kind of information has been geolocated ( text, images, audio ) … a “balloon” will be displayed with the alert about the possibility of accessing it.

This information will be geopositioned by all other application users, websites… For example, if we go to a restaurant and write a review , any other user who “looks” at the restaurant through their iPhone with the Tonchidot application will be able to read or hear our comments.

It is best to watch the video with a demonstration of the technology. At the moment, it is not yet available to the general public, but of course, geolocation can play a major role in the coming years with curious applications like this.

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