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Programmed obsolescence in the spotlight after Apple’s actions

If the French investigation against Apple for alleged programmed obsolescence is confirmed, the European Commission will act immediately as a consumer protection measure.

This is confirmed by a spokesperson of the Community body in Brussels for CincoDías after being asked about the issue that is of so much concern to the brand’s customers.

Programmed obsolescence in the spotlight after Apple’s actions
Programmed obsolescence in the spotlight after Apple’s actions

Apple defended itself by claiming that they did not apply programmed obsolescence to their devices, where they tried to mitigate a battery related problem by reducing the power of their devices, while concealing this information of interest from customers.

Assessing the situation as to whether a company has implemented a planned obsolescence practice is complicated. In Apple’s case, the biggest mistake would have been not informing customers about this measure. This was stated by Enrique Danis , a professor at IE Business School, for CincoDías:

“What Apple has done is not programmed obsolescence. They’ve always sold user experience and wanted to guarantee it. In this case, by slowing down the processes so that the demand for battery power is lower and the mobile does not collapse. The sin Apple has committed is not being transparent with its customers”

The French association Alto a la Obsolescencia Programada (HOP) and the Spanish consumer association FACUA, sounded the alarm for the actions that Apple would have carried out without informing its customers, committing several crimes, including computer sabotage.

In the case of France, according to the investigations carried out, it could give way to a investigation by the European Commission . This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Community body in Brussels for the same media, CincoDías:

“If it is confirmed that there is a problem at European level, the European Commission will immediately bring the cases before the pan-European network of consumer protection authorities and address a potential coordinated response”

Just yesterday, we could read how U.S. Senators asked Apple CEO Tim Cook for clarification on the slowdown of their devices, in addition to clarifying what happened in the Apple Store in Switzerland and Valencia by the evacuation of both when a battery of an iPhone was overheated.

If it is confirmed that Apple did indeed apply a programmed obsolescence to its devices, the European Commission will act immediately, implementing a series of measures to ensure the proper functioning of the devices.

Do you think Apple applied programmed obsolescence to their devices? Why didn’t they inform their customers until they reported it?

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