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Problems with iWatch, patents, iPhone 6 and new camera Rumorsphere

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Problems with iWatch, patents, iPhone 6 and new camera Rumorsphere
Problems with iWatch, patents, iPhone 6 and new camera Rumorsphere


Compartir Problemas con el iWatch, patentes, iPhone 6 y nueva cámara. Rumorsfera



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Let’s see what news the rumors that have swept the blogosphere this week have brought us . We are starting the year and little by little we will start to see new movements from Apple. So as always, it is more than likely that there will be leaks.

We all know what the main focuses are. This year we have a generation change on the iPhone , we will move to a hypothetical 6 and it will have an important redesign. There are some products like the clock or the TV, which are still there, will we see something this year?

  • It seems that Apple continues with the maxim of “more megapixels does not mean better photos” the next iPhone camera will be 8 megapixels, just like now, but patents appear that show a focus engine and a stabilizer in the camera sensor itself. Without using software to do so as before.
  • The iWatch still has problems, to the manufacturing problems of its exterior, are added problems with battery life and problems with the display. Apple is having problems with the clock having charging intervals longer than five days and because of this they are having questions about which display technology to choose. Apple has a large team working on this and intends to bring the clock out by the end of the year.
  • Although recent data suggests that it is a Fake, we will make a mention of it here at Apple. A possible picture of an iPhone frame pointing to screens near six inches appears. As the weeks go by we will see more information about it.
  • More patents keep coming in, and this is one from Apple on devices with flexible displays. From phones, to larger devices that allow two people to play at once.
  • The iPhone 6 is already designed, and it’s about to go into production. It seems that this year half of the units manufactured will be through Pegatron. This company is already manufacturing the iPhone 5c and the iPad mini, and there may be more than one screen size.

So much for this week’s rumor, let’s see what news next week brings.

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