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Problems continue in the production of iPhone 8

As we all know, it seems that the company of the bitten apple is having a hard time finishing and perfecting its next terminal, the iPhone 8 . This new mobile phone will not only be the closest to perfection in the world of electronics, but it will also be the most expensive smartphone in history, given that its price ranges and even exceeds 1,000 dollars. Are you willing to pay for the iPhone 8?

Since Apple didn’t tell us anything at WWDC 2017 , the conference they use once a year to let us know about all their projects or products, both software and hardware, that they are going to release soon, we didn’t expect anything more than time to wait until we heard from Cupertino’s company about this new smartphone, but it seems that it has not been necessary since thanks to all the patents and information leaked by different means we have an idea of how it will be with much security, that is another of the concerns of the brand, security , so they are working with former agents of agencies such as the CIA or FBI to stop the feet of all these individuals who are dedicated to revealing the secrets of the most important and valuable company in the world of electronics.

Problems continue in the production of iPhone 8Problems continue in the production of iPhone 8

It seems that privacy is not the only problem Cupertino’s company is having lately, since they are having serious problems with the manufacturing of the new iPhone 8 terminal so that it can go on sale as soon as possible, since it is already behind schedule and it seems that this will only get worse. Apple’s solution to this is to manufacture the missing parts themselves so they don’t have to do without third parties who can further delay the manufacturing process.

All this week there has been news all over the internet talking only and exclusively about the problems Apple is having in order to develop and finish the production of the iPhone 8, but it seems that this is only going to get worse and will soon get out of control. We hope that it will be solved as soon as possible since it is not only an inconvenience for the brand itself, but also for all the fans of the company who are willing to acquire the next terminal.