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Probamos Brothers In Arms para el iPhone y el iPod touch

Brothers In Arms is one of the latest “big” games to be released on the App Store. The main surprise of this game, leaving aside its outstanding technical section, is to include a game with a great background story.

Little by little the games in the App Store start to mature with the intention of offering something more, we all know that you can get great graphics on the iPhone and iPod touch but that is no longer enough to sell a game, it is time for the games to offer us a complete experience.

Probamos Brothers In Arms para el iPhone y el iPod touchProbamos Brothers In Arms para el iPhone y el iPod touch

It’s no longer worth letting go in the middle of the field and killing things at random , it’s time to offer a story like the great dedicated console games , it’s the case of Brothers In Arms a game that tries to offer that extra plus. Have they succeeded?


It is one of the first things to comment on a game on a device like the iPhone with some “special” features, this experience varies with each game.

The option chosen for this shooter is the classic directional pad. Let’s say that in this aspect there are no great novelties or variations with respect to what we already know.

The control area has a directional pad on the left side of the screen and two buttons on the right side of the screen that vary according to the action required at any given time.

I still think it’s a comfortable solution for developers although I think it’s the only aspect where most games fail or at least lower their quality . Hasn’t anyone thought about another input system?

While control is not bad, it could be something better.

Graphics and sound

As I said at the beginning, this is a game that comes through the eyes. Its visual finish is amazing and it’s striking how in just over a year the graphics engine used by Gameloft for most of its games has evolved so palpably.

Good textures, better modeling, up to 8 characters at the same time, very natural movements, local and network multiplayer…

The sound is also a strong point, it has enough effects and a good dubbing, something that is essential in a game that tries to tell a story as well as being a game without more.

There’s little to reproach or comment on here, so you’d better see some screenshots of the game in motion yourself.


In such a patriotic and “American” way (so to speak), this game begins. A voice-over accompanied by a video showing the landing of the American army on Japanese soil.

The game puts us in a situation as soon as we arrive in the Japanese country, where we will have to advance to help our army, although shortly afterwards we will suffer an accident that will leave us out of action for 6 weeks and…

The rest you’ll have to discover yourself, although I’ll tell you what I liked best about the game. It’s not that it’s a deep story, or a great tale, it’s just a way of setting the game up, something that was beginning to be missing in iPhone games.

App Store

It seems that most games are limited to “things” without any kind of reason or explanation, here you have an end to all of it and that, from my point of view, is great.

This is undoubtedly a great game and if you like the theme of war you will appreciate the setting and development of this adventure .