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Privatizes notifications on the unlocking screen

It never hurts to have new tweaks, even if the jailbreak is in full decline after the huge acceptance of iOS 7. But for those of us who haven’t decided to take the leap yet, we have an interesting tweak. With Push Privacy we will be able to receive notifications of our applications without showing the content of these on the unlocking screen, which will be appreciated by those most jealous of their privacy.

If there’s one thing many iOS users don’t like, it’s something many others love, and that’s the ability to see what’s in the notifications without having to unlock your phone, all at a glance on the unlocking screen. Well, for those who don’t want anyone who presses the home button on their phone to be able to read their WhatsApp , emails or Twitter messages, there is a solution.

Privatizes notifications on the unlocking screen
Privatizes notifications on the unlocking screen

All you need is iOS 6 with jailbreak , and . The next step is to search for the tweak of Push Privacy on Cydia and download it, it is also free.

In the video below you can see in more detail how this iOS modification works , available from Ryan Petrich’s repository:

Once we have it installed, a new option will appear in the tweaks area of jailbreak in Settings. There we can configure which applications we want to apply this restriction to so that, for example, we can see our Twitter mentions but the content of the WhatsApp messages doesn’t appear.

For the applications we block, instead of the message content appearing in the notification, we’ll see text that says ApplicationNameNew Message .

This tweak doesn’t make much sense if we don’t combine it with a code lock , as anyone accessing our phone will be able to see any type of notification with a simple swipe to unlock.

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