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Printing Documents with or without AirPrint on iPad

By now, we know for sure that the iPad allows us to manage and organize all our documents efficiently. Through the many applications we find in the App Store, we can work with a large number of formats at the same time. However, we may be interested at some point in printing that file to have it on physical support.

Having to send the file in question to our computer is a tedious procedure that many have to go through if they want to be able to print it, but fortunately there is a much more comfortable and quicker method that will allow us to print the file without moving from the sofa.

Printing Documents with or without AirPrint on iPad
Printing Documents with or without AirPrint on iPad

Of course, we are talking about the AirPrint functionality that has been built into iOS for some versions. Unfortunately, in order to use AirPrint technology and print wirelessly from your iPad , you will need a printer that supports AirPrint technology. If this is not the case, we can always use third-party software provided by some brands of printers or applications that we can find in the App Store.

Printing from the iPad via AirPrint

This is undoubtedly the easiest way to print from our iPad, as it does not require any special configuration, either on the iPad or on the printer. First of all, we must make sure that our printer is compatible with AirPrint , for this we can see the list on the Apple website.

We must also configure our printer to be connected to a Wifi network , which is a prerequisite for printing via AirPrint.

1.- The first thing we must do is look for the document, file or photograph that we want to print. Once this is done, we must click on the ” Share ” button.

2.- Then we have to click on the button ” Print ” that we will recognize by the image of a printer.

3.- Finally, we must look for our printer compatible with AirPrint technology, select the number of copies and click on ” Print “.

Our printer will then establish a connection with the iPad and start printing our document. As you can see: quick and easy.

Printing from the iPad without using AirPrint

If our printer doesn’t have AirPrint, that’s okay, we still have another way to print wirelessly from the iPad. Of course, the procedure may not be as simple as the one described above. If you’re lucky, your manufacturer may have created an application of their own to make the task easier.

It is very difficult to find a specific application because each printer is a world and requires a specific process. However, there are some applications in the App Store that have garnered very good reviews, here are two of them: Printer Pro Lite and Print Agent Lite.

The procedure for making them work is exactly the same as described above. That is, the application will make our iPad recognize the printer as having AirPrint technology. So, you know: we look for the document, click on ” Share “, then on ” Print ” and select our printer.

Of course, it is absolutely essential that the printer is connected either to the network or to the computer. If the printer is connected to the computer , we have programs such as FingerPrint 2, Printopia or Handyprint that must be installed on our computer. Once done, the iPad will recognise the printer as being AirPrint compatible.

Do you already print directly from your iPad? It’s convenient and simple.