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Print to PDF in a couple of OS X keyboard shortcuts

Do you think the menu to convert to PDF integrated in OS X is too hidden? Bring it out in the open with this simple trick. There’s nothing secret about it because it’s basically just a shortcut to the keyboard, but the clever thing is to use even the same combination of keys to gain a little more productivity. From now on you can save all your documents to PDF in a second!

Are you working with PDF files up and down all day? Well, if that’s the case, this little trick will interest you. For work and university reasons I use PDF files every day. They are comfortable to handle -basically because they stay as they are-, they can be moved easily, different qualities and sizes… We already know that the advantages of these files are many. We also know that our OS X gets along very well with this type of file since always.

Print to PDF in a couple of OS X keyboard shortcutsPrint to PDF in a couple of OS X keyboard shortcuts

We have rarely commented on this in Applesupportphonenumber as it is a widely known function on the Mac: the ability to convert any document with any program or web page to PDF directly from the print menu of the same system. It is certainly very useful and has gotten me out of more than one predicament. I have to print out the license plate of my car and now I have no ink and can only choose to print. Done. This is the typical virtual printer that you can find in Windows, but it comes standard in our operating system.

The bad news is that it’s a little hidden. First menu Print , now with Mavericks PDF , Save PDF as… You know, that’s easily fixed with the customizable keyboard shortcuts that are also included in the system. Diego already explained to us this summer that we can assign keyboard shortcuts to any menu in any application, and that’s what we’re going to do.

In the system preferences, in Keyboard , we created a new shortcut for all applications called exactly as the menu Save as PDF… , including the three suspension points to be made with “Option + . . It looks like it will conflict with the print shortcut but you will see that it does not.

Now go to any printable application and double click command + P , magic. Save to PDF in a second! This way if we work every other time with PDF we save valuable time and a few extra clicks. Can you think of more clever shortcuts like this?