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Primeros desempacando el reloj de Apple

During the months that have gone by since September, the month in which the Apple Watch was released along with the new iPhones, until March 9th when the Apple smart watch was presented to the world in almost every detail, we have witnessed many speculations, alleged leaks and numerous rumors that more than clarify began to confuse about topics such as the battery, applications, etc.

From the event on the 9th, the secrecy surrounding the Apple Watch was lifted , and as the release date approaches, on April 24th , we know more and more details about it and we have started to see the first celebrities, like the singer Pharrell Williams, wearing his Apple Watch on TV shows and even showing it on Instagram.

Primeros desempacando el reloj de Apple
Primeros desempacando el reloj de Apple

Today we have the first unboxing of the Apple Watch on video and you can watch it below:

This first video, corresponds to the French journalist expert in technology Florence Santrot, from Metronews , and in it, we can see the box of the Apple Watch, the distribution of the accessories that it brings, and the test of diverse applications once placed in the wrist of the journalist.

The second unboxing, corresponds to Lance Ulanoff, expert in the world of technology and editor of Mashable , that in a fast video camera, takes out his brand new Apple Watch from its box, specifically the model with metal strap, and we can see as in the previous one, the set of accessories that comes with it and its distribution in the box.

In these days that remain until the Apple Watch is released, we will surely be able to see more unboxing and videos showing the first impressions after the use of the Apple Watch . For now we already have these videos from which we can get an idea of what we will find when we decide to buy our Apple Watch.

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