Pricing for iPhone and iPhone 6 Pus with Orange

This year the first operator to offer prices for the new iPhone 6 in Spain was Orange. A week after it lands in Spain we already know the prices of the new terminals in the French operator . It will not be long before their other competitors, Movistar, Vodafone and Yoigo, move in.

Thus, we know the prices with voice and data rates for customers who choose a contract with permanence . Although this was done last year on the occasion of the launch of the iPhone 5s in Spain, this time we do not know if the French operator will open any of its stores in the main capitals of Spain, where a limited number of units will be available to users.

Pricing for iPhone and iPhone 6 Pus with Orange
Pricing for iPhone and iPhone 6 Pus with Orange

The prices indicated are for customers without remaining permanence, and are the same for portabilities, migrations and new registrations , and do not vary between modalities, only according to the rate we choose. The permanences are of 24 months in all the tariffs: Squirrel, Kangaroo, Toucan, Dolphin and Whale. To the prices announced below you have to add the monthly rate separately .

iPhone 6

Squirrel Kangaroo Toucan Dolphin Whale 16 GB319 initial + 13 GB0 initial + 24 GB0 initial + 22 GB0 initial + 20 month64 GB369 GB initial + 15 month0 GB initial + 28 month79 GB initial + 26 month0 GB initial + 24 month128 GB419 GB initial + 17 month0 GB initial + 33 month79 GB initial + 31 month0 GB initial + 29 month

iPhone 6 Plus

Squirrel Kangaroo Toucan Dolphin Whale 16 GBNot availableNot availableNot available64 GB419 + 17 GB initial + 33 GB initial + 31 GB initial + 29 GB initial + 29 GB initial + 19 GB initial + 37 GB initial + 35 GB initial + 33 GB initial

The most curious thing is the iPhone 5c, which Apple sells free for 399 euros, and that Orange asks 509 euros if we choose it without permanence , something that escapes all logic, and we hope it is a mistake. iPhone

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In case we decide to make a deal because we do not have permanence, the prices indicated above are not valid , and we will apply different prices as a counteroffer to stay, prices that are not published officially.


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