Previous generation Mac Pro. Old rockers never die

Mac Pro y el laberinto de sus configuraciones ¿Cuál es la más interesante?

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Previous generation Mac Pro. Old rockers never die
Previous generation Mac Pro. Old rockers never die


They say old rockers never die. The previous generation Mac Pro could be considered as such because, although many of us wanted a renewal, the truth is that such equipment can still perform at a great level. That’s the advantage of being called Mac Pro .

After learning a little more about the specifications of the new generation and even buying a little bit of the top-of-the-line iMac model with the base, we are now going to tackle what one of the old Mac Pro can offer.

High-performance CPU, refreshed graphics and SSD

The generation gap at the CPU level between the old and new Mac Pro exists but is not as decisive. The new mics offer improvements but not as important as in other times or compared to other components. In addition, in the previous Mac Pro we can find configurations with double CPU so, in some scenarios, those computers will perform more in pure CPU operations.

Where we do begin to find important changes is in the graphic configuration. One of the things Apple is always criticized for is its negligence when it comes to updating or offering alternative graphics cards. And the few officially supported ones are soaring in price. One example is Nvidia’s Quadro. Luckily, since OS X 10.8.2 many PC graphics work almost without having to make any modifications or repairs.

In the Macrumors forums they published a thread where they talked about the different PC graphics we can use in a Mac Pro. The only thing we should know is that in some cases we would not see the startup screen until the system was fully loaded. But it’s a lesser evil if it increases your computer’s graphics performance. Thus, we can install almost any Nvidia 5xx, 6xx or 7xx series. The only thing, as they say in, is that they must have 6-pin connectors to work. If they have one of 8 pins, we will need more power and we will have to resort to modifications as the board cannot supply the necessary power.

Finally, installing an SSD is now a must on any computer that allows it. The options are varied, you can choose from OWC, Samsung 840 Pro or any other drive. The important thing is that, as they’re for a professional PC, they offer the best performance and reliability too.

The possible configurations are several, we can have an SSD for the system and apps, and others (even configure them in RAID) for data, cache, etc.

He who has a Mac Pro has a treasure

The Mac Pro is a computer with a long life span . It’s normal to consider them a treasure trove. The only drawback is being able to upgrade to the latest versions of OS X, at least 10.8 OS X Mountain Lion. But if we can do it, either officially or through some kind of hack, we will be able to update some components and still use a computer that continues to perform well.

As some of you have already seen, you can even buy a second-hand model. At the moment there are users who sell it at a very good price but, because they don’t have time or desire for complications, they decide to sell it before updating some elements.

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