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Prepare for iOS 7, how to install the new version

On Wednesday, iOS 7 will be available. The new version of the system includes new features and a major design change that all users with a compatible device can now enjoy. Of course, every time there is a new operating system release, questions arise about how to upgrade, what is the best way to do it, or what precautions I should take.

I don’t think there is a unique or better way than another but if it helps you there is how I do it, how to upgrade to iOS 7 .

Upgrading to iOS 7, previous steps

Prepare for iOS 7, how to install the new version
Prepare for iOS 7, how to install the new version

The first thing we need to know is which devices are compatible with iOS 7 . From the first versions of the beta we know that we will be able to install the latest version of iOS on an iPhone 4 or higher, iPod Touch 5th generation and iPad 2 or higher. If not, in the case of the iPhone 3GS, we will have to continue in iOS 6. By the way, nothing happens and there will even be those who can still update to this version. Although their reasons are usually more related to the need to keep the Jailbreak.

If we are about to install the final version of iOS 7 it is time to start preparing the ground. And of course, first and foremost, we need to get our data right. Address book, photos, music and some additional files are the main data we must have well supported . Losing five minutes to review this can save us a lot of trouble. It would not be the first time that after an update some problem arises and forces us to restore losing all the data.

How to make a backup I don’t think we need to explain. If we use iCloud we go to Settings, iCloud and at the bottom of the screen we see a button to make a backup in iCloud now . If we connect our device to the Mac or PC, from iTunes we can do the backup either locally or through iCloud.

Also, from iTunes, we should go to the Applications section and at the end see in File sharing if there is any file that each application saves independently and we want to back it up. An example are the photo apps, not all of them save the images in the reel so it’s good to check before updating-restoring. If we find something we select it and save it in our computer by pressing the Save to… button

Once you are sure you have all the important data securely in place it is time, at least I always do, to clean up. Every system version jump, both in iOS and OS X, I take advantage of it to remove those apps I don’t use anymore.

Upgrade or restore our iOS device?

That’s the big question. If you come from iOS 6, you haven’t had problems with a fast battery drop, apps that despite being updated hang up, etc… then I think you can update without any problem. If on the other hand you do have some problems or you just have iOS 7 beta’s it’s better to restore.

If we are going to restore our devices with the new iOS 7 release having a backup is even more important. It will allow us to quickly recover the calendar, the installed applications and even the position of the icons on the iPhone’s screen.

Errors during or after installation of iOS 7

Upgrading or installing iOS 7 on our device from scratch should not be a problem. However, we may experience some problems. The main one that is currently affecting GM installers is the need to install iTunes 11.1 . When the final version of iOS 7 is released on Wednesday, iTunes 11.1 will also be installed. Go to the Mac App Store and the new version will appear in the updates section. If not, you can go to the download section of the Apple website and download and install the latest version.

It is also possible that during or after the update some kind of error appears. Here it is best to use the Apple support page to help us better identify the problem and possible solution. Otherwise, there should be no more problems and by Wednesday, we can all start enjoying iOS 7 and its new features. Especially the automatic updates because from September 18th many apps will jump to a new version adapted to that interface or that take advantage of the new APIs.

For the rest, if you have any other problem or setback during the installation of iOS 7 you can raise your question in our Answers section where I’m sure more users and the Apple team will be able to help you.

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