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Predictably, Apple has made facial recognition fashionable

Following the launch of its new iPhone X smartphone on September 12th, Apple introduced the Face ID feature that uses the facial recognition technology to allow users to unlock their mobile phone without lifting a finger, only showing their face to the camera.

The iPhone X will be able to project more than 30,000 invisible points on your face, creating a very precise map of your facial contour and of your eyes, your lips, your cheekbones, your chin, etc. Face ID will work in the dark, if you are asleep, if you wear sunglasses…

Predictably, Apple has made facial recognition fashionable
Predictably, Apple has made facial recognition fashionable

However, not everyone is convinced about the functionality and viability of Face ID. This is logical, considering that other high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S8 are not able to offer 100% secure facial recognition . Moreover, during the introduction of iPhone X the Face ID feature also failed.

A new report from Bloomberg indicates that a number of technology industry startups have been influenced and inspired by Apple and have begun to show interest in the facial recognition market.

These companies, specialized in technologies related to facial recognition systems, have mentioned that they “have seen an increase in demand” for this service. Just after the iPhone X event on September 12th. Coincidence? Not a chance. Apple, as always, is setting the trend.

As we pointed out today, facial recognition will be available on all 2018 iPhones. But it is very likely, if things go well, that facial recognition will also be available on the vast majority of high-end smartphones very soon.

From Apple they ensure that the Face ID feature of their iPhone X is extremely reliable, very secure and very fast. They understand that users are concerned about how it works, but they say that these doubts will dissipate as soon as they get their hands on iPhone X. Let’s wait and see what happens!

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