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Powerbeats Pro 2 and its possible new colours

If there’s one thing that’s been held against Apple in the headphone business, it’s that its popular AirPods have incorporated no color other than white. This doesn’t look like it will change in the main range in the short term, but it could happen in the Beats range, more specifically in the Powerbeats Pro which would be very close to the market.

Colours and other specifications of Powerbeats Pro 2

Apple’s range of headphones, whether featuring the Beats or just the AirPods, will be making a big splash this year. In fact, it is expected that in the coming weeks the AirPods Studio will be launched as the main headphones in this range, accompanied in the coming months by a third generation classic AirPod and a headphone that will be a hybrid between the classic and the ‘Pro’. Who knows if other bluetooth headphones may also see the light of day.

Powerbeats Pro 2 and its possible new colours
Powerbeats Pro 2 and its possible new colours

Image by MacRumors

To this range we should add all the renovations of Beats, which will welcome in the coming weeks the second generation Powerbeats Pro, which could have interesting new features such as noise cancellation or greater autonomy. And as pointed out by iMore, these could also have new colours as their main attraction.

These new colors would be a sky blue, spring yellow, lava red and cloud pink. Obviously it is something aesthetic that does not directly affect the performance of the headphones, but in the end it is just another attraction that could be added to other more classic colours such as black and white.

When will they launch?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic it is ostentatious to set dates for any issue and the launch of a product is no exception, for all that this process implies. However, several weeks ago we heard that the Powerbeats Pro 2 would be ready and the warehouses would have started receiving stock to supply the first orders, but the date is still an unknown.

Let’s remember that Cupertino’s company keeps other assets in the bedroom, such as the expected renewal of the iMac, a new Apple TV 4K or the already mentioned AirPods Studio. All of this is a little over a month away from WWDC, their annual developers’ conference, which this year will be held virtually given the health circumstances. It seems unlikely that the company will announce at this event products that are not strictly related to professionals, and it also seems that there could be no launches during the summer, so at any time there could be an announcement of any of these products and also of the Powerbeats Pro 2.

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