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Possible stolen iPhone image?

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UPDATE : If you came across this entry looking for information on the official Apple iPhone , released on January 9, 2007, you can start here and then view the rest of the entries on it at Apple . The entry you are reading was posted before the release and may be based on rumors.

Well, well, I was already missing these things: a possible image stolen from the real Apple iPhone ! I have seen it in LoopRumors and I couldn’t agree more with the page where the story originates, aMobileMe: This does which I think is a (at least) credible Apple mobile phone.

Possible stolen iPhone image?
Possible stolen iPhone image?

The design is a variation of the iPod, the interface too, the slogan of the campaign: ” Many abilities. No buttons. Introducing iPhone. ” is also “very Apple”, although I see the problem with that name… Isn’t there already something called iPhone? Are Apple’s lawyers sharpening their claws against LinkSys right now?

Pegasus: I don’t see the iSight anywhere in the design. Although if we think about it, it was rumored that Apple would launch two models of mobile, one of them with it and another one not… hmmmm, the truth is that this model fulfills everything that has been rumored until now, and the touch trackpad that it has looks good, although the design doesn’t convince me completely… We’ll see how this evolves.

All I know is that the day an ( good ( ) Apple mobile comes out, many of us will have the current one fall down somewhere, or break unexpectedly …


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