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Possible Smart Battery for iPhone XS still showing signs of life

Last week we showed images of the possible Smart Battery that Apple has prepared for the iPhone XS. Although it has not yet been officially presented by the company, today 9to5mac has collected information from Appleosophy where a series of guidelines for autumn marketing of Appl and for external vendors are shown. The American media has categorized these data as real after analyzing them.

These documents allegedly received by external vendors from Apple show images of the different sleeves for the new iPhon e. Among these images you can undeniably see images of a case with a ‘hump’ that would correspond to a Smart Battery of the iPhone XS and XS Max in black leather.

Possible Smart Battery for iPhone XS still showing signs of life
Possible Smart Battery for iPhone XS still showing signs of life

Although these photographs have a rather bad resolution you can appreciate these cases that currently are not on the market with a hump that would house the extra battery for our device. The last device that had this type of case was the iPhone 7, so we think that Apple may be ready to take this case out of the drawer for this 2019.

As we said at the beginning, this documentation has the label ‘autumn 2018’, so everything points to Apple wanting to release this case to the market before the end of autumn . This season ends next 21st and that’s why throughout this week we may have some surprises in the Apple Store, but the dates may have been delayed towards the beginning of the year .

We do not know if Apple will take the opportunity to launch three different models, for the three new iPhones this year: iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Some product code information confirms that Apple’s initial plans would point to three different types of Smart Battery.

Many of us have our iPhone battery running pretty low because we work intensively with our device on a daily basis and don’t give it much rest. One of the solutions to extend the autonomy of the device is to always go with an external battery with us or opt for this type of case.

It is true that it is not too aesthetic due to the hump and that it will take up more space in our bag or pocket, but it is always appropriate to have various alternatives in the Store to have more autonomy in our day-to-day life, which never comes amiss.

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