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Possible security flaw in Face ID in Spain

A family shows us a possible security flaw in Face ID . The video shows a parent and child who can unlock the same iPhone X through Face ID without any difficulty.

Face ID has been questioned on several occasions with similar videos among family members, but in this case, they make a really interesting point.

Possible security flaw in Face ID in Spain
Possible security flaw in Face ID in Spain

The son, knows the 4-digit code of his father’s iPhone X, where he has been unlocking the phone several times. This could have resulted in the security system recognizing both of them as one user .

The family resemblance is reasonable, but a priori, insufficient to confuse both . The explanation proposed by the father is quite interesting, denying that it was a security flaw on the part of Apple.

Face ID learns our face every time we unlock iPhone X. The father’s conclusion would be as follows. If a user knows the security code and manually unlocks it many times in a row, he could interpret the outsider as the owner of the terminal.

Apple’s new security system has a margin of error of 1 in 1,000,0000. This is much lower than Touch ID, where Apple claims that the error level of Touch ID would be 1 in 50,000.

This could be the case with that small margin of error , thanks to the fact that the child has been able to unlock the iPhone X using the four-digit code on several occasions. As the father says, Apple tells us that Face ID registers our face to adapt to the new facial changes.

Perhaps, this time, knowing the security code, Face ID would be “mapping” the child’s face each time it was unlocked, interpreting several key points between them and confusing the Apple security system.

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What do you think? Is it really a security breach? Where would the problem be? Do you trust Face ID?

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