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Possible photos of the new iPhone 3G


Possible photos of the new iPhone 3G
Possible photos of the new iPhone 3G

Just 72 hours before the event we have the latest images of the new iPhone and frankly are starting to make some sense. These are promotional images, unknown to us for what purpose, of the iPhone in which it shows its possible new design and features, mainly the use of video calls .

In the images we can also appreciate this supposed new shape, with a slightly thicker profile than the current one and the more than possible black colour. An equally curious detail is that it shows an iPhone (RED) which until now had not been commented on. You have more photos after the jump.

Update: As indicated in the comments, Engadget already claims that it’s a fake and although their reasons are quite convincing the two opinions today and even the WWDC takes place, they are just as false.

UPDATE II (WhisKiTo): I thought this was for real, since a few hours before the presentation real images are usually filtered out. However, I read in TUAW a detail: in the supposed red iPhone of the second image, notice that there is no power off connector : clearly, fake .

Thanks Karras for the link!

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