Possible iPhone XI cases to be introduced by Apple in September

September will be a key month for Apple to introduce new devices for another year. Among these are expected to be the Apple Watch Series 5, the iPhone XI and XI Max, and the second generation of iPhone XR, which we learned yesterday could bring surprises in terms of design. What we have seen today, thanks to some alleged leaks that correspond to the first third-party cases created for the iPhone XI. Here are some more details.

Each year, long before the new iPhones are introduced, images are often released from different manufacturers who are starting to design their own cases for these devices. The vast majority of these manufacturers do not have official information from Apple and the company is very careful to avoid leaks, so the designs of the cases are based on the strongest rumors but should not be taken as official.

Possible iPhone XI cases to be introduced by Apple in September
Possible iPhone XI cases to be introduced by Apple in September

The above images, published in Slashleaks, do not provide any information other than graphics. These transparent cases have been designed together with a render of the iPhone XI with a triple camera design that seems to be confirming , given the high impact that the analysts closest to Apple are trying to give it.

We remind you that these iPhone XI and XI Max , whose name is not confirmed either, would fill the gap of the current XS and XS Max of 5.8 and 6.5 inches respectively. Their design is being controversial, since many users do not support Cupertino’s signature to install a package for the camera in the way it looks in the images.

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Also this year’s iPhone XR is generating some excitement. Yesterday we saw new rumours that this device will again adopt a LCD screen and a crystal back . The main change of this device would be the double camera that it would integrate, which would have a design more similar to the one of the iPhone XI than to the double cameras carried by the iPhone X and XS.

What do you expect? Do you think the final design of the iPhone XI will be similar to the renders we’ve been seeing in the last weeks? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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