Possible freeze on Apple’s plans? The euro crisis also seems to be hitting the Apple stores

These are those news items for which you have data provided by very reliable people, but for which you cannot give any kind of name. With all due respect to those who have studied or are practicing the profession of journalist (which I am not, not by a long shot), you feel a little like them. You have the information, you clearly know it is true, and you can only tell it as if it were a piece of information told to you by the “friend of a friend, who in turn knows a friend who…”. Apple seems to be delaying its expansion plans in Spain, and perhaps even the rest of Europe and America , and the culprit seems to be the crisis of the euro

Possible freeze on Apple’s plans? The euro crisis also seems to be hitting the Apple stores
Possible freeze on Apple’s plans? The euro crisis also seems to be hitting the Apple stores

Let me start with a little slap on the wrist for Apple. It’ll probably be like the mosquito that bites the elephant, but I’m going to express my opinion. Apple’s roadmap for the opening of Apple Store in Spanish territory has been lousy . Let no one misunderstand me, I don’t intend to belittle any city that has seen an Apple Store open in it, but allow me the knowledge I have about marketing and commerce to enter here. Evidently Apple will have people much more prepared than me, but I clearly think they have made a mistake.

We all know which are the two main cities of our country, Madrid and Barcelona. And as main cities, are also the main economic engine of Spain . Whether we like it or not, if they suffer, we all do it. I can understand the opening of an Apple Store in the ParqueSur Shopping Centre in Leganés, or in La Maquinista in Barcelona. I can also understand an Apple Store like the one in Valencia. What I can’t understand is how the one in Passeig de Gracia has been delayed, or how the one in Tio Pepe in Madrid is being delayed (and more than it will be).

What I don’t understand is how you can open an Apple Store in Marbella, another in Murcia… In Zaragoza… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s bad at all, but my list would enter Seville much sooner . And what cries out to the sky is that in the north we have not smelled it. I don’t say Bilbao anymore, where I’m from, and I’m very proud of it, but Donosti? Coruña? Wouldn’t it be better to start with the main economic engines of the country and then, according to the numbers, consider other possibilities?

The problem John Browett has encountered

Looks like John Browett came from the dark side… If I may be so bold, he looks like that Senator Palpatine who’s trying to bring Anakin to the dark side with kind words. But this is not just anyone, this is someone who comes from an important chain of electronics stores, who tries to achieve what anyone should do in his situation, positive numbers . Yes, the Apple Store is something different, that’s how Steve Jobs thought of it, but even with that romanticism, if you don’t cut the bleeding it can lead all the other Apple infrastructure to disaster and that the Apple Store Online makes better sales numbers than the physical ones, it’s not good news.

And now comes the rumor, and is that all plans to expand Apple in Spanish territory for 2013, has been cut from the root . Only those that are in an advanced state of gestation will be opened (Zaragoza). But there are four more that won’t see the light until the end of next year and maybe they will go on to the next. Who is to blame for all this? The crisis… Yes, the crisis, the one you hear as soon as you turn on the TV.

What are the remaining Apple stores? Tio Pepe, another one in Madrid (apparently a new one was going to open in Madrid, we don’t know where exactly), the one in Coruña and the one in Bilbao . Yes, Coruña and Bilbao… For the first time these two cities appear, and in the north we seem not to be forgotten. If you allow me a small medal, I have quite reliable data on where the future Apple Store may be, for having seen it and for the secret that has been surrounded the place where it seems to have its location. If everything points well, we would be in front of an Apple Store that would have nothing to envy to the one in Covent Garden (for me, one of the most beautiful that I have had the pleasure to visit).

The evil crisis of the euro

But John Browett has paralyzed all these projects and their execution or not depends on the numbers coming out of 2012 and seeing the crisis we have at the moment I don’t think they will be too good. Maybe the launch of the new iPhone or the hypothetical iPad mini will be able to turn the tables. The data that are poured into the division of Apple NSO (New Store Opening) suggest that at the moment we will not see any more Apple openings in our country (Tio Pepe was projected for the first quarter of 2013) except those that are about to open.

I fear that something similar will happen in the rest of Europe, even in the United States , which is so worried (and not without reason) about the crisis that is devastating the old continent. Not in vain, to give a simple example, the situation of Spain was mentioned at the last meeting of Apple’s economic results, among its shareholders, which shows how far the concern can go. So it is not surprising that these data (quite reliable, although only rumours as I say) reach us.

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