possible first image of the new Apple device

The predictions and rumors about the iPhone 2019 have already begun. Despite the fact that the latest iPhone XS and XR have not been on the market for even four months, it seems that analysts are already looking at what Apple is expected to present to us in September. The disappointment of consumers and of Apple itself with the latest iPhone has increased expectations with the 2019 model still in development.

iPhone XI, iPhone 9, iPhone 11… We don’t know what name Apple will give to its new star mobile this year , because the company already has us a bit bewildered after presenting the 8 range in 2017 when it played the 7s and accompanying it with the tenth anniversary iPhone X. In 2018, the XS was seen but instead of being accompanied by the 9th generation iPhone, the multi-coloured iPhone XR was seen. Therefore, and until we know more information, we will continue to call the star model we will see this year iPhone 2019 and we do not know if it will come alone or accompanied by a version with less features.

possible first image of the new Apple device
possible first image of the new Apple device

During the last few hours, and thanks to Onleaks’ partnership with Digit.in , we have been able to see a render of what could be the iPhone 2019. These images of course are not official from Apple but they are a recreation based on rumors and alleged leaks that have become known.

Supposed image of Onleaks’ iPhone 2019

Assuming that the new iPhone would have the design we see in the image we would have a very remarkable novelty in sight as the triple camera . In this way, Apple would follow the market trend to incorporate more lenses in its camera and would go from incorporating two lenses (iPhone 7/8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max) to three lenses in the iPhone 2019.

Beyond the technical characteristics that could have the new iPhone and more specifically the triple camera, calls attention to the design of this render . Although the perspective of taste is relative and each person may perceive the design as beautiful or ugly, the truth is that it is causing a stir since Apple would go from covering its lenses in a sophisticated circular design to incorporating the three triangular-shaped lenses and the flash in a square design that completely breaks with previous generations.

This is how our colleague Fernando del Moral expressed himself about this alleged new design of the iPhone 2019 in our YouTube channel, and whose video we leave you here:

As we always say with this kind of rumour, you have to ‘catch them with tongs’ . With this sentence we want to emphasize that unofficial information like this can turn out to be totally different from what Apple presents to us later on. However, when different experts agree on features such as the triple camera, it is likely that this will finally happen. So let’s see if Apple finally bets on this type of design on its iPhone 2019.

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