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Pokémon TGC Online Game for iPad and iPad Mini Comes to the App Store

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online now available on the App Store

Pokémon TGC, the game we told you about a month ago, is slowly arriving at each of the world’s App Stores and is expected to be released in the next few hours on the Spanish App Store . Pokémon TGC Online is a free card game for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini.

As we told you in this article, representatives from Nintendo’s Pokémon subsidiary announced the release of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online during the Pokémon World Championships last month.

Pokémon TGC Online Game for iPad and iPad Mini Comes to the App StorePokémon TGC Online Game for iPad and iPad Mini Comes to the App Store

The application requires iOS 7 or later versions and in addition you will need an iPad with a Retina display to have the opportunity to play it , devices like the iPad Mini or the iPad 3.

Pokémon TGC will attempt to compete with other iOS card games

Pokémon TGC comes to the App Store to compete with the successful Hearthstone for iPad , it is true that card games are very fashionable lately, especially among younger users.

However it is very difficult to unseat games like HearthStone … As is the case with strategy games for iPhone and iPad, a genre totally dominated by Clash of Clans.

How does Pokémon TGC Online work?

At first, players will have to choose between decks of grass, fire or water cards and then collect more cards, power-ups and exchange cards with other players.

According to the IGN guys’ article, the card boxes and avatars are fully customizable and players will have the choice between competing individually against the “machine” or competing against other users in tournaments thanks to the multiplayer mode .

The new Pokémon game will most likely be a big hit with the App Store’s gamer community , as it has already been successful on other platforms. What we don’t know is if other underdeveloped Nintendo games will deign to create more mobile games.

Nintendo’s board of directors has already made a number of statements about this, and while it seems unlikely that we’ll be able to see games like Super Mario or Zelda on iOS, the release of Pokémon may be a small step for Nintendo to bring out more mobile games and we hope that they will be successful and follow in the footsteps of the Pokémon company!

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Video

Check out this video to find out more about Pokémon TCG Online

Download Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

As soon as the game is available on the App Store in Spain you can download it from here. Stay tuned!

Do you like card games? Do you think Nintendo will be encouraged to make more games if Pokémon TCG is successful?