Pokémon returns to our iPhone with Magikarp Jump

It was last summer, when Pokémon managed to reach the phones of both youngsters and adults around the world, thanks to the well-known game developed by Niantic and which we know today as Pokemon Go.

For almost a year, this game that mixes virtual reality with the search for Pokémon has been downloaded over 650 million times worldwide . We should not forget, however, that even this well-known game has had its ups and downs due to the lack of updates, and problems with some users falsifying their location using third-party apps.

Pokémon returns to our iPhone with Magikarp Jump
Pokémon returns to our iPhone with Magikarp Jump

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It was this week, and after almost a year, that Pokémon decided to bring a new game to the App Store . Pokémon: Magikarp Jump, is the name chosen by the developers of this great game.

It all starts when you’re asked for your date of birth and assigned a character very much in the style of the first console games in the saga, who arrives in a small Pokémon town characterized by a fanaticism towards one of these great creatures in particular. As you may have guessed, this specimen is none other than the well-known Magikarp .

At this point, they will explain to us through different vignettes how this type of Pokemon is trained in the village to make competitions of which is the one that jumps the most. At that time, and once we have captured our Magikarp we will have to feed it to grow, train it and finally make it compete against others of its species to win different competitions.

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Of course, the game has several formulas for speeding up the processes by means of payments within the app itself as was the case with the aforementioned Pokémon Go, but this time and from what we’ve been trying out of the game, this aspect is much less important.

It is precisely for this reason that from now on we should not be surprised to see some children with the tablet or the phone of their parents, becoming a trainer of these jumping and animated Magikarp .

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