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Pokémon GO for iPhone finally available in Spain!

Nintendo se está forrando con Pokémon GO, pero Apple lo está haciendo tres veces más

Okay, we can install the game if we follow a few tricks, but this also marks the end of the wait for the vast majority of users: finally, after being released in several countries around the world, Pokémon Go arrives in Spain . Here you have its link in the App Store.

Pokémon GO for iPhone finally available in Spain!
Pokémon GO for iPhone finally available in Spain!

Therefore, anyone living in these territories can now officially install Pokémon GO from the App Store and without juggling with foreign Apple accounts. The ban on hunting Pokémon and imitating the success of App Stores in other countries where it has already been released is now open.

With the launch, it is expected that the load on the game servers will not be able to support all new players. So here’s the situation: be patient if you see a repeated alert that everything is overloaded.

We remind you that Pokémon GO is free , although it contains integrated shopping so that those who are impatient can speed up the game. And we already warn that there are future plans to monetize even more the user experience … is what there is when a simple mobile game catapults the shares of a company.

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