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Podcasts emancipate from iTunes on macOS and iBooks loses the “i

Apple anuncia las novedades que traerá iOS 11.3 en primavera: mejoras en ARKit, mensajes, gestión de la batería y salud.

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Podcasts emancipate from iTunes on macOS and iBooks loses the “i
Podcasts emancipate from iTunes on macOS and iBooks loses the “i


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Hidden among the avalanche of new features in iOS 11.3 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 are two small but very striking changes . They are two changes that confirm trends initiated by Apple some time ago, but for which there would be no turning back now.

Podcasts outside iTunes on the Mac

The first is that there is a possibility that podcasts will no longer be included within iTunes. Someone wanted to dismember iTunes? Well, now maybe your (our) wishes will come true.

Developer Guilherme Rambo, the protagonist of finding the secrets of the HomePod and iPhone X last summer and now writing in 9to5Mac, has put his forensic team in place and found clues about the future of iTunes. According to his research, Rambo claims that Podcasts could be emancipated from iTunes in the next version of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. Specifically:

Image obtained by 9to5Mac. Apple has been reducing iTunes features for quite some time. With this change, it would lose one of its most important functions to become independent

Here we can see a privacy notice related to Apple podcasts. These notices will appear to iOS and macOS users when they first open an Apple app that makes use of the company’s privacy protections.

The relevant thing is that this notice has come out as we are on a Mac with the latest version of the High Sierra beta. As if it were a standalone app, when Podcasts is integrated with iTunes nowadays. iBooks has been a standalone app for a long time and the iOS App Store has disappeared from iTunes, so this gives reason to think that a simplification of this drawer is imminent.

Let’s hope it’s a prelude to an iTunes transformed into Apple Music, as we imagined last year.

From now on, call me “Books”

The second detail that has not gone unnoticed is the new name of iBooks. Since AppleInsider pick up this change in the iOS 11.3 beta, where the well-known Apple book service loses its characteristic “i” of its name.

Thus, it joins the rest of Apple’s products and services that lose this letter or do not directly incorporate it in their names. iMessage has long since become Messages or Messages; iPhoto is now Photos; Apple Music is not “iMusic”; Apple Watch and Apple Pay instead of iWatch and iPay.

What if Apple was saving “iBook” for a new computer with iOS?

The pattern is clear. However, Apple keeps the name of its flagship products: iPhone, iPad, iMac. A change at this point would be very costly in terms of public recognition. Despite this, the iPhone cases incorporate the before the name, leaving it that way: iPhone.

A curious detail: iBook was also the name of the predecessor of the white MacBook. What if Apple wanted to use this name for a hypothetical Mac with ARM (and iOS perhaps)?

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