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Podcasts, Apple’s new vein?

This week we announced the launch of the iOS Podcasts application, a dedicated podcast app that gives us the ability to manage and listen (both in real time and pre-downloaded for when we’re offline) to our favorite episodes in an easy way.

The known implementation was expected by the end of the year, possibly in conjunction with the release of the final version of iOS 6. So, while we’re not going to complain, we’re surprised that Apple has already made it available to everyone.

Podcasts, Apple’s new vein?
Podcasts, Apple’s new vein?

After looking at all the options offered by the application, there is one that has attracted a lot of attention from the media and users: the redeem button .

When we access the podcast catalog, we’ll see a button under our account to redeem download codes or enter reload data for iTunes cards.

It wouldn’t be anything strange, moreover we can’t confirm anything, if it weren’t for the fact that the app is now standalone and has “nothing” to do with the iOS Music or iTunes app. Because of that detail some people, where I include myself, start to speculate about the possibility that Apple launches some new feature in this aspect that allows to monetize the podcasts . At the moment there are no simple means to economically exploit podcasts and it’s a pity since there is a lot of quality. Both in audio and video podcasts.

Some creators are trying to make a profit through advertisements, especially video on networks like YouTube. Others create private RSS feeds and parallel subscriptions with Pay Pal or a similar charging service to provide a valid username and password to the user but of course it’s not that simple for the podcast creator or comfortable for the user.

So perhaps Apple could implement a subscription service that allows for the monetization of podcasts. Even, this is already curling up, it could make use of its iAD platform to insert advertising in the free video podcasts.

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We’ll see what happens, the truth is that after seeing how Apple has been separating the content of the iTunes application in iOS (remember that it launched Kiosk to access the magazines, iBooks 2 for the books, Videos for the theme of videos and now finally Podcasts) and know that it is preparing a great renewal of iTunes for the end of 2012 everything can happen.

We may be looking at a new vein for Apple . If you propose a service where the authors of podcasts can monetize their creations in exchange for a small commission that Apple would earn and even take over the bandwidth (given the investments in data centers that it is making) we would be looking at a new and interesting source of income for creators and the company.

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