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Pocket, Read it Later is renewed and renamed

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Nowadays it is difficult not to come across some content that we were not looking for but we find interesting. But of course, our day does not last 48 hours or simply at that time for work reasons we can not. That’s why it’s better to have an application to save that link for later.

Pocket, Read it Later is renewed and renamed
Pocket, Read it Later is renewed and renamed

Pocket is an application for iOS that will allow us to save for later any link we find on the internet. Didn’t applications like Read it Later already do that? Yes, Pocket is Read it Later after undergoing a major renovation. Its new redesign allows you to access saved content (articles, videos, images and much more) easily and much more comfortably. With Pocket this content can be filtered, bookmarked, but most importantly, the reading experience has been improved.

Without a doubt a highly recommended application to facilitate the intake of our daily dose of digital content. Pocket works with all the applications compatible so far with Read it Later since they share the same API. Besides the iOS application, Pocket is available for other platforms as well as has plugins to add a button to our favorite browser.

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