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Pocket Casts, the multi-platform podcast player, becomes free

Pocket Casts

One of the best podcast players for Apple platforms out there right now is Pocket Casts . Together with Overcast and Castro it has been the alternative to the Apple player for years , offering extra features and as a differentiation point the availability also on Android and Windows. Now, it becomes free on all platforms, adding a future subscription to future features.

Pocket Casts, the multi-platform podcast player, becomes free
Pocket Casts, the multi-platform podcast player, becomes free

Until now the Pocket Casts application was paid for in iOS and to enjoy the service on the Mac you had to access the web version with a previous payment as well. This changes now, both the iOS and Android apps become free . All existing features in Pockets Casts are kept in this free version and even some extras are added, as indicated by the developers.

Where’s the trick then? Pocket Casts was acquired as a company last year by NPR and a consortium of radio stations. Now its main income comes from sources other than the users themselves paying for the app. However, they do add a subscription to the service for those looking to squeeze the most out of Pocket Casts .

We are talking about Pocket Casts Plus, a subscription service for just over one euro a month or about 10 euros a month. With Pocket Casts Plus users receive :

  • Desktop and web apps
  • Cloud storage up to 10 GB for custom audio
  • New themes and exclusive icons

As a point of note, the developers will offer a total of 3 years subscription to Pocket Casts Plus for all those who purchased the app previously. You don’t have to do anything to receive the three years for free. On the other hand, if you’ve never tried Pocket Casts, it’s time to do so now that it becomes a free app. It’s compatible with both iPhone and iPad and even Apple Watch.


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