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Pocket adds sharing with friends to celebrate its first anniversary

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Pocket adds sharing with friends to celebrate its first anniversary
Pocket adds sharing with friends to celebrate its first anniversary

If you don’t use Pocket, you’re already late. If you use Instapaper you have an excuse. I made the switch from one to the other when Read It Later was reinvented to Pocket and it’s really worth it as it offers you a lot of possibilities and convenience since it’s integrated into all the applications I use every day, so I can save what I’m interested in for later and focus on what really matters. So far the new features I’ve been able to try out are very good.

Pocket is a well-known service for having a reading list of articles and other web content always at hand in one place. It will surely ring more true to you because of the name Read It Later , and it has been a matter of a year since they made this change of name to also change the philosophy of the service a little bit and turn it around with the desire to make the experience better.

They did this with new applications and a renewed look , the more than 35 million items saved per month guarantee the success it has had and is having today. That’s why simply as a thank you today Pocket has released an update for its application on all platforms trying to improve a little bit the idea of sharing the content we save.

The reality is that most users share more content via email than through social networks and other channels, so now if you send links to friends who already use Pocket they will be notified directly in the application apart from receiving the email as before. Also, in the share menu, the friends will be kept -as a face within a circle like in Facebook Home- with the ones we share the most to have them more at hand.

Obviously, as with all updates, several bugs have been resolved and overall performance has been improved. It has truly become an essential service for me as it is integrated with most of the applications I use on a daily basis and is useful when I don’t want to miss anything. Now available for iOS and OS X on the respective App Store for free.

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