Plunder Pirates on App Store

Conquer the seven seas with your wits alone… and a huge army of pirates.

Plunder Pirates is a free strategy RPG with adventures on the high seas. Conceive the DEFINITIVE plan to fill your stores with gold and thwart the plans of whoever attacks you, all in REAL TIME and with the BEST graphics.

Plunder Pirates on App Store
Plunder Pirates on App Store

Ready to fight? It’s going to take a masterful strategy, a lot of manpower and a lot of grog to protect your island from the invading hordes of pirate bullies. Create the perfect headquarters on your island, recruit pirate captains and wage war all over the world to become the most fearsome sea lion on the seven seas!



“Best Apple Game of 2014”

“Best Intellectual Property in New Games (Mobile Devices)” – Develop Awards 2015

“Best Debut Game” – TIGA Games Industry Awards 2015

“A superbly constructed game of management and strategy.” – PocketGamer



? BUILD an epic 3D pirate island fortified with impenetrable defenses and plenty of firepower.

? OBSERVE your island from any angle with amazing 3D graphics.

? ASSAULT other players’ islands in real time and take them out thoroughly.

? RECRUITS crew members from 10 different classes, each with unique powers.
? WATCH IT ALL! Navigate further, get stronger, cause more damage and protect your gold.
? JOIN a pirate guild with your friends and enjoy exclusive extras Plan your exploits in the guild’s chat.
? EXPLORE new seas on your mighty pirate ship.
? WAGES naval battles with hideous sea monsters and enemy ships.

? COLLECTS legendary pirates, the most famous looters of all time!


Last update: Legendary pirates!
? NEW legendary pirates! Recruit these 12 powerful pirates to strengthen your fighting strength and improve your defenses.
? NEW treasure chests! From common to legendary, any of these chests contain precious treasures.
? NEW fight classification! Compare your looting skills with the rest of the world.


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*Note: An Internet connection is required to play. iPatch is optional.

Terms of use: http:/www.midoki.comeula.html

Privacy Policy: http:/www.midoki.comprivacy-policy.html

This game may include:

– Direct links to social networking websites aimed at users over 13 years old.
– Direct links to the Internet that allow players to leave the game and potentially visit other websites.

– The option to make integrated purchases. Ask the account holder’s permission before making any purchases.

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