Playing the Super Nintendo on your iPad

It’s a pity that Nintendo doesn’t have the slightest intention of releasing any games for the iPhone or the iPad but fortunately, thanks to the magic of the jailbreak, there are alternatives to enjoy many of its great classics. More than two years ago we talked for the first time about the snes4iPhone emulator and now we are going to see in a very fast way how to install it in our iPad to play the mythical Super Nintendo using a Wiimote as a controller.

First of all you have to jailbroke your iPad, something very simple thanks to Spirit. Lifehacker

Playing the Super Nintendo on your iPad
Playing the Super Nintendo on your iPad

If all went well, you should be able to locate the Cydia application on your iPad and inside, in the “Cydia Store: Products” section you’ll find a screen with some of the most popular payment applications. Fortunately snes4iphone is among them and for 6 dollars (4,7 euros) it will be yours. Payment is made through PayPal or Amazon and you can authenticate yourself using your Facebook or Google account so it’s unlikely that your savings will end up in the hands of some Russian hacker.

The next step is to install some ROMs to use them together with the emulator, either copying them directly via SSH to the varmobilemediaROMsSNES folder on the iPad or, alternatively, downloading them directly to the iPad from the integrated browser inside the snes4iphone (Browse Search). You can even upload them from your computer to a megaupload service and download them using this system.

At this point you can enjoy any of the great titles of the past like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, F-Zero or Secret of Mana among many others but if you want to completely relive the experiences you had the best thing is to synchronize a Wii Remote with the emulator. It’s very simple: all you have to do is open snes4iphone and activate the Wiimote Support option in the options panel. Once you’ve done this, run the emulator again and you’ll see how it starts to search for the Wiimote, at which point you’ll have to press the 1 and 2 buttons on the controller simultaneously until it detects it. Try to disable the Bluetooth in the iPad settings if you experience any problem (it seems that snes4iphone uses another method to connect to Bluetooth devices and the iPad software can interfere).

Finally, before we say goodbye, I’d like to remind you that this is not the only way to enjoy Super Nintendo games on the iPad (or iPhone, iPod touch…) and that you are not even limited to this system. In Cydia you will also find NES or Nintendo 64 emulators (among others), many of which also have support for the Wiimote, as well as alternatives to snes4iphone as SNES HD which is not only specifically prepared to take advantage of the screen size of the iPad but also allows you to play using an iPhone as a controller (which will also have to be jailbroke, of course).


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