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Playing classic Nintendo games on Apple TV

Who hasn’t played the Super Nintendo with Super Mario World? One of the best ever. A classic game by right that is extremely addictive and that reinvents itself as time goes by, adapting to everything .

Every time I get my hands on a technological device – console, smartphone, PC, etc. – to kill time on the bus or subway, I leave a few games installed. There are very good options on the market, but you always fall back. Either because it doesn’t have enough emotion, it doesn’t show you what you expect or it simply ends up being abhorrent, but after a while I look again for a way to recover the classics through an emulator .

Playing classic Nintendo games on Apple TVPlaying classic Nintendo games on Apple TV

The new Apple TV is in. Just released, it’s showing us something new every day. New ways to use it, new tricks or shortcuts and new content. Today we’re going to see how to install classic games on our Apple TV in a fully functional and high quality way and the example, of course, will be with Super Mario World. What will we need?

  • An Apple TV.
  • A USB Type-C cable.
  • A Mac with Xcode installed in its latest version.

The installation process of the emulator that will allow us to carry out our task is a little more complicated than usual, but not at all. Downloading games to this one is not so complicated anymore. The emulator is known as Provenance , and it is not in the App Store, we will have to take advantage of the door that Apple has left open to us to be able to install by our own apps external to the App Store by means of Xcode.

We will be able to install through our emulator Provenance a lot of old classics from Nintendo and SEGA, including the NES, SNES, GBA, Genesis, Game Gear, and others . If you like classic games, this is your tutorial.

First of all, I recommend that you watch this video as we go through the steps one by one , as you will understand the process better:

  1. We connect Apple TV to our Mac with a USB Type-C cable, then to power.
  2. We open from our Mac the web section of Provenance in GitHub by clicking on this link and copy the URL that appears on the right side of our screen.
  3. We started Xcode on our Mac.
  4. Once Xcode is loaded, go to Source Control, Check Outy paste the copied URL in the space at the end of the window where the Repository location is requested and click Next.
  5. In Select a Branch, we select the Master option.
  6. We click on Download.
  7. Select in the new Provenance window, in the upper zone of this one.
  8. From the drop-down menu that appears, select ProvenanceTV-Release and select our Apple TV.
  9. Once the file processing is finished, we select Play to compile the app.
  10. When the app is compiled, a message will appear saying that Provenance is already running on Apple TV. We disconnect Apple TV from the Mac, and then reconnect it to the TV.
  11. We open Provenence and select the Import Roms option.
  12. We go on our Mac to the IP address, given by the app, from any browser and in the window that appears, we can load any Rom to our Apple TV.

And now we can enjoy the classic games on our Apple TV.

One last piece of advice I’ll leave you with before I close this tutorial. To have the full experience of the games we must find a Bluetooth controller that we can synchronize with our Apple TV , because it has nothing to do with the experience that offers the standard controller and no, Mario does not obey the orders you give him through Siri if you have thought for some time.

What do you think of this new Apple TV utility? Leave us a comment with your opinion and experience.