“PlayBook is way ahead of the iPad,” RIM feels optimistic

BlackBerry PlayBook , I was probably one of the most excited and pleased Apple users to receive the news. As I said, at least on paper I think it’s one of the most serious competitors to the apple tablet, and the perfect catalyst for the people at Cupertino to really take the development of the next generation iPad seriously, both in terms of specifications and in terms of features that make iOS shine with its own light on its 10 inch screen.

I was much less enthusiastic about the comparison of the PlayBook and iPad browsers, causing the opposite effect on me from what the guys at RIM were probably looking for by noting the significant difference between the 7 inches of their tablet and the 10 inches of Apple’s and annoyingly insisting on comparing a product that is not yet on the market with one that is about to be replaced .

“PlayBook is way ahead of the iPad,” RIM feels optimistic
“PlayBook is way ahead of the iPad,” RIM feels optimistic

For this same reason, I consider the last statements of the company’s co-CEO, Jim Balsillie, to be out of place again and only conceivable if they are understood as the classic propaganda aimed at heating up the atmosphere to talk about you. If so, Balsillie is only assuring her immortality alongside Michael Dell’s as when he claimed that the best thing Apple could do was to close down and return the money to the shareholders.

The Canadian company surpassed analysts’ expectations by announcing last Thursday that it posted last quarter revenues of more than $5.5 billion and sales of 14.2 million BlackBerrys. The figures are impressive but still behind the $8.82 billion generated by the 14.1 million iPhones sold in the same period.

Perhaps encouraged by these results, Balsillie took advantage of his media appearance to create a little hype with phrases like “I think the PlayBook redefines what a tablet should do. while explaining his conviction that the market will move away from “a proprietary SDK and unnecessary applications”

Again, before you start destroying me in the comments by accusing me of being a fanboy, I think the PlayBook looks great and may be the first opponent with a chance to stand up to the iPad. But that’s one thing, and it’s another thing to say that your tablet, your first tablet, which hasn’t been released yet and probably won’t be until March next year, is way ahead of you.

No, at the moment the only company that is selling its tablet as a doughnut at Apple and if we pay attention to the latest market research about the purchase intention of users (and not of street people, but of corporate clients, where RIM has traditionally had a greater presence) is 80% for the iPad and only 8% for the PlayBook. That’s not ahead of the curve, just as it’s not ahead of the curve to talk about specs when you compare yours to a device that’s a year old (and twelve months in technology is a lot of months). I may be wrong, but something tells me that by the time RIM finally gets its tablet on the market, the iPad 2 will be on the market as well, and that’s when, rather than now, we’ll be able to talk about performance.

May the best man win.

BlackBerry PlayBook, el primer competidor serio del iPad

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