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Play Xbox One from your Mac via streaming with OneCast

Xbox One has a quite interesting system for playing streaming games from any PC. On Mac we can also do this, although with an unofficial tool.

You may be wondering what’s the point of playing streaming games from a Mac if you have a TV. Well, the short answer is the possibility of playing from anywhere in our house thanks to our MacBook .

Play Xbox One from your Mac via streaming with OneCast
Play Xbox One from your Mac via streaming with OneCast

Of course, we can’t forget that we are talking about a streaming service in our own home, so we will need a good internet connection and a good router that doesn’t lose too much signal.

Well, to start with our afternoon of glory, we have to install the OneCast application . This application has a trial version, but once the courtesy time is up, we’ll have to buy it.

Luckily, there are promotions where we are offered the possibility to buy a license for a really low price . The operation is simple, we simply install it (under the same WiFi network as our Xbox One) and link it. That’s it, quick and easy.

We insist that the functioning will depend a lot on your internet connection, which in theory, any home already has a decent speed. The problem could appear in the router. If you think yours won’t cope, you can buy one of the best rated for this type of situation.

OneCast has very good ratings and is presented as the best alternative available to play the Xbox One from our Mac anywhere in our house. Something that never hurts to not depend on a single TV.

Remember that macOS has a catalog of interesting games, we will not find the latest news, but we can have an afternoon of glory if we go through Steam .

Download OneCast

What do you think of this app? Are you more Xbox or PS4?