Play the mythical NES Circus for free on your iPhone or iPad

Many of you will have played Circus , a game that was quite successful on the NES. If you want to relive that nostalgia from your iPhone or iPad, you can do it completely for free .

Circus, was developed by Konami in 1984 for the arcade machines of the time, where it reached the NES in 1986 and later to other consoles, such as the Commodore 64 in 1987.

Play the mythical NES Circus for free on your iPhone or iPad
Play the mythical NES Circus for free on your iPhone or iPad

This classic game is still one of the favorites for retro game lovers. Now you can play it on your iPhone or iPad completely free through the developer Li Zunxin.

One of the particularities of this game is that has no end , we must go through the screens while increasing the difficulty level until we run out of lives.

Charlie is the main character of Circus, where he will have to ride a lion to pass obstacles, go through the tightrope overcoming the monkeys, jump on trampolines, overcome a screen climbing on a giant ball, ride a horse or go jumping on a trapeze.

Once we get through all the screens, the game starts repeating the screens with a level of difficulty that will possibly get you off your feet. The iOS adaptation, only allows us to jump . In the original game we had the possibility to direct our protagonist from right to left by slowing down the movements.

The only complaint we found on the App Store, is the massive advertising . Perhaps, the option to unlock the game by means of a payment, would have been a real success for users who want to enjoy this game without interruptions.

This version was updated about 8 months ago, so is not adapted to the iPhone X screen . As a curiosity, the developer reports that Circus for iOS has been number 1 in the App Store in different countries.

Without a doubt, Circus is a game that will revive good times for the most nostalgic who want to play anywhere and anytime thanks to their iPhone or iPad .

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Did you play this game in its time? Have you tried it on your iPhone or iPad? What do you think about this iOS adapted version? Do you prefer the option to pay and play without advertising?

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