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Pixelmator updates to be compatible with the iPhone

The Pixelmator application has updated its iOS application today and this new version is universal, i.e. it is compatible on both iPad and iPhone. Pixelmator is so far one of the biggest competitors of Photoshop on both Mac and iPad , with this update iPhone users will also be able to edit their images with this application.

Pixelmator is a very complete application, it offers us support for professional photo retouching, real time deformation and digital painting. It also works by layers like Photoshop, so its use is quite intuitive and allows us to work without problems with those who use the Adobe application. In the case of the iPhone we will find an identical operation to that of the iPad, although we will have an adapted interface due to the lesser size of the screen.

Pixelmator updates to be compatible with the iPhone
Pixelmator updates to be compatible with the iPhone

Among the main characteristics of this application are color correction tools, brightness and contrast adjustments, the possibility of correcting wrinkles and scratches and a multitude of painting tools. Pixelmator has a lot of pre-set functions to make our work easier, such as the tool to remove red eyes with a touch.

We assume that the arrival of this application to the iPhone is given by the increase in the size of the screen of the most recent , since it made no sense that an application of this nature would be used on a 4-inch device, although it is true that it is usable, small screens are not the best place to use photo retouching applications, even in the iPhone 6 Plus we will notice that we lack screen for some functions.

Anyway it is a point in favor that this update has arrived without any extra cost, since being universal we will be able to download it in our iPhone if we already had it bought in the iPad. The application is undoubtedly a reference in the field of portable graphic design, so if you want to develop your artistic side or want to edit photos anywhere, Pixelmator will not disappoint you.

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