Pixelmator: updates and news

Yesterday Pixelmator announced the new features that will soon be available in all its apps. Both Pixelmator Pro for Mac, Pixelmator Photo for iPad, and Pixelmator for iPhone will receive interesting news.

For those who are hearing about Pixelmator for the first time, this is a suite of photo retouching applications developed by Pixelmator Team . The apps are presented as an alternative to Photoshop and come with several advantages . First of all we find the price, Pixelmator apps are single price apps, no subscriptions or purchases within the app. Secondly, the team, by developing apps only for the Apple ecosystem, presents highly optimized, lightweight and always up to date with the latest Apple features.

Pixelmator Pro 1.6 Magenta

Pixelmator: updates and news
Pixelmator: updates and news

With the next version of Pixelmator Pro for Mac the team has focused on making the app even more intuitive. One of the points that has been improved is the color picker . Since no color picker style was simple enough and yet easy to use, the team has created its own from scratch.

Pixelmator Photo 1.2

Pixelmator Photo is the complementary application to Pixelmator. It focuses on image enhancement in terms of color, exposure and other corrections. It features automatic image enhancement based on Machine Learning which delivers quite impressive results. One of the new features the team has mentioned in this preview is the support for Split View. Thanks to it, we’ll be able to use Pixelmator Photo together with other apps on our iPad.

Pixelmator for iOS 2.5

The Pixelmator app for iPhone and iPad will also receive news. The main one related to the template selector. The best news, however, comes when the team explains that their intention is to improve the iPhone and iPad version of the app. For now files created in Pixelmator Pro for Mac are incompatible with Pixelmator for iOS, but this will change. Little by little the team will put both apps together and make the files compatible.

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The Pixelmator team has not communicated the date of availability of these new products. While we wait for them we can buy Pixelmator Pro in the Mac App Store for 43.99 euros, Pixelmator Photo in the App Store for 5.49 euros and Pixelmator also in the App Store for 5.99 euros.

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