Pixelmator Pro now supports portrait mode photos taken with the iPhone

Pixelmator Pro for Mac is possibly the best Mac photo editor you’ll find right now on the Mac App Store. Introduced in late 2017, with a year and a half behind it, it has never stopped adding features and improvements for users. The latest one is certainly smart, takes advantage of the camera portrait mode on iPhone to create easier masks .

iPhone that takes pictures in portrait mode stores much more information than the picture itself. They store for example the depth of the objects in the scene to later edit the depth to our liking or other characteristics of the image. This is possible thanks to the .CTA format of the images and when exporting them… these features can also be used by other apps.

Pixelmator Pro now supports portrait mode photos taken with the iPhone
Pixelmator Pro now supports portrait mode photos taken with the iPhone

ApplePixelmator Pro for Mac is now available, we have tested it and this is what impressed us the most

With the update to version 1.3 of the app came a few new features related to masks, but it is from version 1.3.1 (available on the Mac App Store) that we can now edit photos in portrait mode. What does this mean? Basically that recognizes if there is depth in an iOS exported image and takes advantage of that depth. When the image is added, two layers with an automatic mask will appear. By clicking on that second mask we can enable it, remove it or other options. This is ideal for example if we want to change the whole background of an image and leave only the subject.

These days not only Pixelmator Pro for macOS has been updated, but also Pixelmator for iOS . This app has been in the App Store for many years and surprisingly despite the fact that it receives few updates, it is hardly competitive in terms of options and capabilities. This week it has been updated to support Apple’s latest iPad Pro and its new Apple Pencil.

The update to version 2.4.4 in the App Store shows us that the interface has been optimized to the new resolutions (there are no longer black bars at the bottom and top) and that the double tap on the Apple Pencil already activates functions in Pixelmator. Additionally some bugs have been fixed that made certain effects not work with the app extension in Photos.

Pixelmator for iOS is available in the App Store for a price of 5.99 euros, without additional purchases within the app. It works on both iPhone and iPad and above all it is especially useful because of its extension in Photos for editing directly from the official Apple photo app.

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