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Pixelmator Photo: Download free for iPad

It’s one of the iPad apps of the year and now you can get it for free for a limited time. Pixelmator Photo , an app we’ve talked about many times at Apple and analyzed in depth, can be obtained for free from the App Store on the occasion of Black Friday.

As announced by its creators, the application will be available completely free of charge for the next 24 hours on the App Store. There’s no trick to it, download the app for free from the store and you’ll have it with all its features. No advertising, no in-app purchases and no subscription. The app usually costs 5.49 euros.

Pixelmator Photo: Download free for iPad
Pixelmator Photo: Download free for iPad

In addition to the free Pixelmator Photo offer, the developers also offer a discount for their Pixelmator Pro app on macOS . This app generally costs just over 40 euros, although on a limited basis for Black Friday it can be purchased for 32.99 euros, a 25% discount for an app that is worth every penny of its cost. If you want to know more about the app, we will analyze it at the time of its launch.

There are dozens of reasons why Pixelmator Photo is an app worth trying, the first one right now is the fact that there is no cost for the user to do so. However, there is much more to consider, such as the high quality of the development of this app. An app with a simple interface and designed so that any user (professional and non-professional) can take advantage of it and edit their photos easily.

Some of the tools available to Pixelmator Photo.

The app on the other hand is really powerful, takes advantage of all the possible functions of iOSiPadOS as it is specifically designed to be optimized on the iPad. With it we can edit colors and lights of the photographs, correct details, modify the perspective and many other things thanks to the tools available. It is also worth noting the automation it offers thanks to the use of custom filters and group editing to modify several images at once.

In ApplePixelmator Photo for iPad: professional photo editing no longer requires a Mac or PC

I would not be at all surprised if this year Apple chose it as one of the best apps of the year in iPad . Pixelmator developers have achieved a spectacular app since its first version and the app has not stopped evolving these months. No doubt an app to be considered now and in the future.