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PiRAWnha, another interesting raw editor for your iPad

It’s been almost a year since the iPad was introduced by Apple, and although at first the number of native applications was rather scarce and the use of iPhone apps desolate, little by little have been appearing more than interesting applications for him. PiRAWnha

PiRAWnha, another interesting raw editor for your iPad
PiRAWnha, another interesting raw editor for your iPad

There are several programs for the treatment of raw files, but PiRAWnha is perhaps one of the most powerful that exists today .

When you open the program, you realize that there are other options such as Filterstorm that may be more visual in the first instance. But with Pirawnha you realize that it has something very important, power . The same program warns you that it needs a large part of the device’s available memory, so it urges you to keep as few applications open as possible while you’re using the application.

There are many doubts (among less expert users perhaps) about the iPad’s raw file handling capabilities. P irawnha supports all RAW file formats supported by Mac OS X . Contrary to what we might think, the application does not work with the raw RAW file, but does so with the JPEG file embedded in it . It handles it at 25% of its original size, taking into account that if our camera takes images over 15 megapixels, it will crop them to this size.

The program will always start in vertical format, being impossible to work in landscape format. This is partly an advantage, since you always have all the program menus at hand, since there are not as many as we can have in other types of programs of the same spectrum. Pirawnha doesn’t stop at offering you colourful filters, it concentrates on offering you the basic photo handlers to achieve the result we are looking for.

We will have handles for everything, the exposure, the saturation, the brightness, the contrast … Some simple “sliders” will allow us to change these variables in the photo trying to improve the final result. We can also vary the white balance or apply filters to reduce noise or focus the photo. At any moment we will see in a histogram (at the bottom right) the changes that our work produces.

Once we consider that we have the result we are looking for, we can save the photo in our iPad gallery. The program will apply all the changes we have made to the original RAW file. It is important to remember that if our camera takes images over 15 megapixels in size , the application will crop the image to this size , but remember that megapixels are a measure of size, not quality.

There is something I miss in this program, the possibility to crop or rotate the photo , since in many occasions it is very useful to remove parts of the photo to improve its composition, or to rotate badly composed images. But even so, this is a good program that for just under eight euros will allow you to develop your photos on the iPad.

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