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Physical supports for HomePod for less than 50

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Álvaro García M.

Physical supports for HomePod for less than 50
Physical supports for HomePod for less than 50

Posted on July 21, 2019 – 18:45

On June 5, 2017, during Apple’s annual developer conference, the HomePod was introduced as Cupertino’s new smart speaker. Although this speaker with integrated Siri took a few months to go to market and as many months to reach more countries, the truth is that it is now available in much of the world. Although it is an elegant device that does not clash with the decoration, the truth is that you could need a stand for it and that is what we bring you in this post, a compilation with the most outstanding HomePod stands.


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This is a simple support made of real leather, or at least that is what the manufacturers claim. Its quality is good and above all the usefulness it can provide as it is extremely easy to place on any surface and place the HomePod on top of it. Its price is less than 10 euros and that’s why it becomes a good option as it’s presumed to be very affordable.


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Without a doubt this support is one of the most outstanding of this compilation because of its incredible quality-price ratio . We can see how it consists of an elegant design that allows you to hold your HomePod in a horizontal position on any surface. It should be noted that does not affect the sound quality because this bracket holds the HomePod by the part where the speakers are located.


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This stand is made of aluminium and is available in two colours , both black and silver to match the colour of your HomePod. Its quality is quite good and guarantees a good hold of the speaker that prevents certain mishaps with it when, for example, you want to move it around. The material is scratch-resistant so you won’t have any problems with the design of it being impaired by this kind of damage.


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Another elegant design available in the same colours as the HomePod . In this case we have the advantage that it offers a great stability thanks to its encapsulation design. Its smooth finish prevents the support itself from being scratched and the HomePod from receiving them. It should also be noted that it is very easy to assemble.

HomePod and mobile support

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This is not only a great HomePod stand but also includes a stand on which to place your phone. Both devices will be securely attached to this 2-in-1 base and will guarantee you great comfort when, for example, enjoying multimedia content on your mobile while listening through your HomePod.

Meres wall mount

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Looking at this support we can see that it is one of the best quality in this collection. It is a wall mount very useful for not taking up space with the HomePod, forcing us to place it on a table or other surface. It’s very easy to mount and we guarantee that the speaker will be well protected from drops, scratches and other damage. It is worth noting the tremendous elegance that this stand brings to our home as it is available in two colors, black and white.

Have you been able to try any of these HomePod media? What were your impressions? You can tell us in the comment box.

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