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Photostyler, for easy photo retouching in Mac OS X


There are plenty of photo retouching applications for the iOS platform, many of which we have reviewed on the blog, Camerabag, Instagram, Camera Plus, to name a few. On the other hand, on our desktop or laptop, under MAc OS X that is a bit more difficult to achieve, the programs are usually grouped into basic retouching tools or very advanced or professional options. Photostyler is here to quickly retouch and apply filters to our photos and thus bring a little more balance to this sector.

Photostyler, for easy photo retouching in Mac OS X
Photostyler, for easy photo retouching in Mac OS X

As I was saying, the interface of Photostyler could not be simpler, after dragging the photo we will see a lot of effects to apply, from frames, to focus masks, through all kinds of touches to highlight and make special all those images we want. The program makes use of Core Image and Core Animation to present some effects and transitions quite achieved.

It has a free fully functional version that will introduce an ugly watermark to the resulting images, we can only remove it by paying the license, which costs 23 euros , if it is not really an economical application but that does make the task of applying filters and presets to our photographs (in any format including RAW) in something very simple and fast.


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