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Photoset, Tumblr’s photo album sharing solution


Leaving aside CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Google’s service, Blogger. But if there is something that makes Tumblr stand out is its use for sharing images. And seeing this it is normal that they are now launching with Photoset, an application to share photo albums online.

Photoset, Tumblr’s photo album sharing solutionPhotoset, Tumblr’s photo album sharing solution

Photoset is now an exclusive application for iOS. Through it users will be able to take pictures or select them from their reel to add them to the albums we will be able to create. The operation is very simple, we are adding photos and reorganizing them just by holding down and scrolling through the iOS device screen . You can place from one to three images on the same line.

Once you have added the photos and some data such as the title of the album or if you want to show the location. Once the process is finished, they will be uploaded to the website with a unique address that only we will know and that will give us access to that album. From there we will be able to share it with other users through Tumblr, Twitter or sending the link by email.

If we share the album, from the browser itself will also appear an option to continue sharing it through Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or mail.

With a simple interface and fast operation Photoset I think it will not take long to become a widely used service. Even more so when it will become a faithful companion for the most addicted to Tumblr. A great alternative to other options, including the iOS 6 Photo Sharing Streaming options . Plus the app is totally free so what are you waiting for?

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