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Photos of a supposed iPad PRO model appear

The leaks on a hypothetical iPad Pro are coming to us in droplets, indicating that its development is not yet very advanced . During the last few months we have heard from you through the predictions of different analysts about Apple’s future products.

The predictions have always appeared as a complement to other rumoured devices such as the iPad Air 2 or iPad 6, the iPad Mini 3 or the iPhone 6 itself. Only at the beginning of this year have we heard from him for a few days, but lately, he has rarely been the subject of a leak that appeared alone, as is the case today.

Photos of a supposed iPad PRO model appearPhotos of a supposed iPad PRO model appear

From the social network Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, we have received an image showing the back of an aluminium model of what would be a final model of the iPad Pro and which, it is said, could be used by manufacturers of cases and accessories as a reference for the creation of their products.

As you can see in the photograph, the appearance of the model has a somewhat primitive and basic finish in the details , although you can distinguish the Apple logo in the central area and a circular slit in the upper left that would indicate the place where the camera lens would be located.

Without being able to know its exact size, its tremendous size is striking

Although it is assured that it would be 12.9 inches, it is practically impossible to assure the size that could have the screen of this model , since the only reference that we see in the image is the hand of the woman who holds it and it seems to us a little objective data to be able to make a comparison. At first sight, the only thing we can think of is that would be a tremendously large device .

The story of a larger iPad geared towards the educational and professional sectors goes back a few months, when in the middle of last year speculation began on a device with a screen similar to that of the MacBook Air and it was named the iPad Maxi.

Since then, as we tell you, few concrete and reliable things have come to light about the alleged tablet . Even a couple of months ago it was assured from a digital medium that the device would never reach the stores and that its development would have been abandoned by Apple to focus on other projects.

One of those convinced of the launch of the iPad Pro is the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who on several occasions has referred to the tablet project and its hypothetical release to the market , although he has always stated that we should wait until early 2015 to have it among us.

New evidence for an iPad Pro – will it become a reality?

From 9to5Mac they tell us that in addition to the image of the model of the supposed iPad Pro, another one has appeared, but this time it would be the model of the future iPhone 6, very similar to others that we have already had the opportunity to know .

Do you find reliable the image of the mock-up of the so-called iPad Pro?