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Photographers Use iPhone 6 Plus at the White House

The uses of smartphones are becoming more and more widespread, for what we used to need a different device to do each thing we now have in our terminals and proof of this is what we are telling you today. If we think about professional photographers we usually think about guys with vests to carry accessories, several lenses hanging and big and heavy cameras, this is changing to unsuspected limits, coming to replace those big devices with an iPhone 6 Plus

The White House captured with an iPhone 6 Plus

A few days ago, some professional photographers used the multiple possibilities offered by an iPhone 6 Plus to cover an event in the very White House where the president of the United States of America lives. Which is not surprising because there is a professional use of the phablet, what surprises us is that it is used to cover an event as important as those held in the White House. Thus the new Apple smartphones offer a good camera that combined with some accessories can turn it into a great machine to capture moments.

Photographers Use iPhone 6 Plus at the White House
Photographers Use iPhone 6 Plus at the White House

This time it has been the freelance photographer Brooks Kraft who has been taking photos of the White House for fourteen years and who this time has taken another step forward in innovation in the field of photography by using an iPhone 6 Plus to capture moments as important as those that occur in this type of event and apparently with a really enviable result.

According to Brooks the choice of the iPhone 6 Plus is motivated by the fact that it contains the option that other Apple models don’t have, such as the image stabilizer as we have learned from Time magazine.

Some rabbits to take quality pictures

Some tips to get the same quality photos that we show you are the following:

    First of all, before taking the picture, check that we have the best exposure since it is difficult to correct with photo editing programs.

  • Noel zoom since the one on iPhone 6 Plus is optical which means we’re actually zooming in and not really getting close as the optical zoom does.
  • Before taking the photo we should observe the settings of the images of the application we use to take the photos and check that these are adjusted to the conditions in which we are going to take the photo.

What do you think of the photographs? Do you think they’re good enough for a White House event? We’re waiting for your opinion in the comments.

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