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Photobuddy for iPhone, application to improve your photos

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Whether you are starting to use your camera in manual mode or you are an expert photographer, you may be interested in the application that my colleague José Antonio Segura talks about in Xataka Foto. Photobuddy is an iPhone application that allows you to review various photographic parameters and see how they affect our images, in a very intuitive way and with enough information on the screen of our phone.

In this way, we can see what parameters we need to adjust so that the picture is perfect at the first shot. We can see how the depth of field affects it and calculate it, see what exposures we are going to use and then generate a great HDR, calculate the angle of view and focal length or vice versa, control long exposures with sound warnings by the iPhone, etc. In addition, we can use the GPS of the same to see the time of sunrise and sunset of where we are. The only thing I miss is being able to record our position with the GPS in the application and then add the information to it in iPhoto. The price of the application is 1.59 euros.

Photobuddy for iPhone, application to improve your photosPhotobuddy for iPhone, application to improve your photos

Something strange has happened with the application, because it has disappeared from the store in the United States and the one in Spain, and now it is available again in the first one. I imagine that throughout the day it will be available in the Spanish one too.