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Photo of the iPhone 5 motherboard, with A6 and LTE chip


The iPhone 5 will be introduced in a few hours, but that doesn’t stop us from paying attention to the rumors that are circulating on the web. Specifically, a few minutes ago we had access to some revealing images about the entrails of Apple’s new smartphone.

Photo of the iPhone 5 motherboard, with A6 and LTE chipPhoto of the iPhone 5 motherboard, with A6 and LTE chip

As you can see, the motherboard of the new iPhone is more elongated than that of previous models . This would confirm the rumors about a narrower terminal, which would reach 4 inches diagonally on the screen.

However, two of the chips incorporated in the new terminal have pleasantly surprised us. The first one is the new A6 processor , as you can see in the lower part of the image. It is supposed to have up to 1 GB of RAM.

As you may remember, in February we received news that Apple was simultaneously working on the A5X chip, which finally occupied the heart of the new iPad, and on the A6 chip, which seems to be going to the iPhone 5 .

As if that weren’t enough, the pictures also show the MDM9615M chip from Qualcomm. This is an LTE modem that will allow Apple’s new smartphone to navigate at full speed on the move.

It also incorporates a Hynix branded flash memory module . This may be an unmistakable sign that Apple is stopping ordering components from Samsung, as the relationship between the two giants is not going through its best moment.

In any case, it’s good to know that the iPhone 5 continues to improve its hardware , as well as its software. There’s just over an hour left for us to get out of the way and see if the users’ wishes come true.

Important reminder

It is now official, the new iPhone 5 will be presented by Apple next September 12th at 19,00h (Iberian Peninsula time). If you want to follow live that keynote with us, you can do it from the following link:

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