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Philips Hue, the light bulb that will be at the service of your iPhone

Today is Enterprise SDK day for developers. After talking about PayPal this morning, Philips also surprises us with a developer API so they can integrate control of their Philips Hue range of lamps into their applications. These lamps connect to our home Wi-Fi network and interact with our devices if we control them remotely.

Philips is one of those companies that always have very interesting gadgets , and they give us a lot of play. They are experts in light , and in technologies such as AmbiLight, gadgets like the Wake-Up Light or the Philips Hue bulb.

Philips Hue, the light bulb that will be at the service of your iPhone
Philips Hue, the light bulb that will be at the service of your iPhone

The latter is an LED bulb that allows us to control it from our iPhone through an application . Now the Dutch have announced that they will launch an official developer program for their LED bulb system. They connect to the network via Wi-Fi and include several LED lights inside to achieve the full spectrum of colours.

Inclusion in the developer program is free, and offers access to the official Hue APIs , as well as a software with the complete development kit. Why should Philips offer tools to create applications that play with light bulbs? Because there were already people doing it unofficially, so what better way than to make it easy for them.

This means that through third party applications we will be able to interact with the light bulbs , and have them change color to the rhythm of the music, or have them light up when we receive a notification, such as an email.

They are becoming so popular among the most geeks , that Apple even sells them in the Apple Store. They sell single bulbs at a price of 59 euros , and the starter kit with a wireless base that connects to our wired router and is capable of controlling up to 50 bulbs.

No doubt it’s to take your hat off to Philips, who have recognized the work of several developers out there and want to acknowledge their work. A company like Apple would have tried to close the project , instead of creating an official SDK to help them.

Will this be the take-off of Philips Hue, which will popularize them and greatly lower their price? Few users are willing to spend 60 euros on a measly light bulb , no matter how much it interacts with our iPhone, it is not something suitable for the pocket of ordinary people.

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